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For over 20 years, Shoreward Builders has specialised in bringing a higher level of home extensions to houses throughout Perth. We understand that all home additions and renovations are different which is why we take the time to understand your end goal.


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At Shoreward Builders we understand that your home is your pride and joy. We will always aim to undertake each project with care ensuring that your home extension or renovation will flow with the existing character of your home.

Each home extension project can present unique design and construction challenges. Working with existing structures can often be more difficult than building new and can have particular site logistics. Shoreward Builders will always advise the disadvantages and advantages of your proposed renovation/extension and will keep you fully informed throughout the process.

Shoreward Builders will assist you with all aspects of home extensions or renovations from simple room additions and granny flats through to large scale additions to up-size your home.

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Taking on a home renovation in Perth is something that we do not take for lightly. We offer complete renovation services in Perth. That means we are involved in every step of the project, from the initial design of your dream project, through to construction . We can supervise the entire project for you. We guarantee that every Perth home renovation we undertake is of high quality. We only use the highest standard materials available and shortcuts is never an option.

For every Perth house renovation, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail. These small details can make or break the project. If one material is not ordered on time, it can set you back a few days or even weeks and we do not want that to happen. We have comprehensive plans in place to help minimize delays.

One of the major concerns of homeowners when they choose to undertake a Perth home improvement project is the budget. We understand that, as hardworking individuals yourself, you would prefer to not over extend or over capitalise. The good news is we are very flexible and are very willing to work with you on your budget. Before starting the project, we are open and honest with all costings, and we will do our very best to find a way to make your project work for you.

Another important factor that you should consider when undertaking a house improvement in Perth is the time it takes to finish the project. Before we embark on the project, we will give you a timeline of when you can expect the house renovation in Perth to be finished. We will also give you updates along the way to make sure you are well-aware of what is happening. We work very hard to finish each renovation project within the timeline given.

For inexperienced builders, they may have a hard time dealing with the different setbacks that may come across when building a Perth home addition or when renovating an entire home. With over 20 years of experience in doing home remodeling in Perth and other home-related projects, we have learned to anticipate things that can possibly go wrong. We have also learned to deal with these sorts of things in a timely manner so as not to delay the project any longer. You can trust us and be assured that we have the capability to keep the project progressing smoothly.

At Shoreward Builders, we offer different types of Perth house improvement projects. From a full house remodeling in Perth, to building Perth home extensions or Perth house additions, we do it all. We also offer complete kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations. In addition, we also build new houses. That means we can start by creating a design that will match your specifications, then make it come to life. If you already have a pre-prepared design, then we can also use your preferred designs . We also have a range of company designs that you can select from when choosing to build a house, renovate or House Remodelling.

Do you want a Perth house expansion?

When you want to have a Perth home expansion, you have to decide if you want to build up or build out. You also have to take into account what you have in your property. Do you have extra outdoor space? If you answered yes to that question, then building out or a Perth house extension may better suit your current status. If you do not have ample outdoor space, then your best bet may just be to build upwards. That means you may need to build a home addition in Perth.


Perth home extensions


There are different advantages and disadvantages to building upwards or building outwards. Building outwards or building a home extension can be more expensive since there is a need for building a foundation that means excavation is necessary. Another downside to this is you may have to give up your lovely garden, your lawn, or your backyard. If you are willing to go this route, this option may be for you.


If still unsure of whether you want to build outwards or upwards for your house expansion in Perth, feel free to talk to us. One of our main goal is to give you a personalized recommendation based on your current home’s status. You can trust that we will go the extra mile to see what fits your house best. We guarantee that we will give you comprehensive, qualified advice. We will make sure that we have checked every detail and will only give you a proposition that best matches your home and your needs.


Shoreward Builders treat each project like it was our own house. With that, you can be assured that everything is done with the highest quality possible. We make sure that every little detail is taken into account and strive for the best customer experience possible. Trust only builders who build home expansion in Perth with a passion. Trust Shoreward builders for all your home-building needs.


For those homeowners who lack the outdoor space necessary for building a home extension, then a home addition is the answer for your home expansion project. A home addition means that you have to build upwards and that means you may lose some of the space on the lower part of the house to make room for stairs. This option can at times be more budget-friendly compared to building outwards. Another great advantage to this is your house can command a higher resale value.

Whatever you decide on, be it a home addition or a home extension in Perth, we make sure that the new part of your house blends seamlessly with your home’s original design.

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